Why Schools are Killing Creativity

The educational model that came out of The Enlightenment really pushed for economic and intellectual pillars. This model is outdated, exclusionary and not effective. Sir Ken Robinson has some truly interesting thoughts into trends and future outcomes if we change education to match the imaginations within our children. He advocates for arts education and an aesthetic experience. He believes that we are educating the creativity out of our children – and this is dangerous formula for life success in a world that is changed beyond concrete information.

The World is Closer than You Think

One of the hottest selling books is Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat which talks about the historic events that have converged to create a global marketplace. The reason his ideas are fascinating to educators is that most of our schools are not preparing students for their future. Most schools are educating students for 40 years ago. This lecture is from MIT, and while I personally agree with many of Friedman’s ideas, a Biblical worldview in not the lens through which Friedman is speaking from. As Christians, we understand that change is all around us, but our faith compels us to respond in hope, faith and love.

The lecture by Thomas Freidman was interesting and thought provoking. As a former corporate consultant, and as an owner in a technology company, I have witnessed the rise of workflow software, outsourcing, off-shoring, uploading, supply chaining, insourcing, in-forming, and wireless growth of interactive media and communication. Most corporate projects have these elements within it to manage. From a corporate perspective, Freidman was spot on in 2005 with his assessment of globalization.

Fueled by an economic crisis, Freidman could not have known how the market would accelerate the rate of these trends.

The final thoughts that Freidman finished his lecture with have stayed with me for several days. “Everything is commoditized except imagination.” He went on to add that America’s greatest asset is American creativity and positive affirmation. We need to “export hope; not fear.” This is foundational to the educational experience we provide at Propeller Academy – hope.

Competition has never scared me. I think that is what Freidman is advocating for – be prepared to think bigger, have relationships in places you never dreamed of, create solutions to problems, and allow people to implement them wherever the market takes it. Where this gets dicey is education because this is a world that is not in play everyday within the educational experience of a majority of teachers or their students. But we can change that, and at Propeller – its what we are wired for.

Time Perspective, Pace of Life, and A Boring Education

Professor Philip Zimbardo shares his perspective on time (past, present, future) and how it impacts work, taking care of your self and even how kids navigate their world. Did you know that a child drops out of school every 9 seconds in the United States – and boys are at the center of it. There is a crisis occurring, and this RSA Animate video sheds a different perspective on why.

If you are raising boys, there is some really interesting information that talks about how education is not geared towards how their brains have been rewired.