Propeller Power Lego Set

Lego has a building set called Propeller Power #6745. Here’s a very cool video of how it is built…






LEGO Creator – Propeller Power from Brian Stark on Vimeo.

Check out these other airplane Lego sets with prominent propellers…

Lego Propeller Seaplane 3178

Lego Pharoah’s Quest Biplane 7307

FREE Propeller Coloring Book

Looking for a fun activity for your kids…or even a great way to unwind and de-stress?


Download our free Propeller Coloring Book pages with many things “propeller” in the world. Get out a box of crayons and be artistic. Be creative and add elements like birds in the sky, people in the windows, etc. Color outside the lines if you like.

Includes pictures of an airplane, biplane, helicopter, fan, windmill, wind generator, submarine, boat, propeller beanie hat, pinwheel, and even the Wright Brothers first plane. Can you think of any more propeller things we can add? The pages are FREE for you to print and color anytime.

Why Schools are Killing Creativity

The educational model that came out of The Enlightenment really pushed for economic and intellectual pillars. This model is outdated, exclusionary and not effective. Sir Ken Robinson has some truly interesting thoughts into trends and future outcomes if we change education to match the imaginations within our children. He advocates for arts education and an aesthetic experience. He believes that we are educating the creativity out of our children – and this is dangerous formula for life success in a world that is changed beyond concrete information.