Foreign Language

We are committed to language and culture exposures. Children are naturally curious about people and places. Through exposing students to the songs, sounds, words and culture, we are preparing students for greater inquiry into further learning.

Our primary language exposure is French.

Why French?

French is the second most frequently taught language in the world next to English, and the only language to be spoken on all five continents. French is also the language of dance, theater, fashion and cuisine. Being one of the romance languages French is very close to Italian (the language of music) and Spanish. Understanding and speaking French provides an excellent bridge to those other languages as well. Here in MN we live close to Canada (the largest trading partner with the U.S) and a large population of French speakers. There are many resources for learning French that are commonly available to help young students. For example, many of the movies in your home have an alternate language track in French.

For additional information on why French is a solid language choice, see this article.