Multiple Intelligences in School

At Propeller, we stress the importance of understanding perceptions, developing skills, and utilizing imagination through a Biblical worldview. An aspect of our educational philosophy is the use of multiple intelligences. While aspects of this approach are used by many teachers, there are only a handful of schools cultured around implementing multiple intelligences (MI) in the United States. MI theory consists of eight areas that a individual can exhibit strength in. It is common for children to be strong in two or three areas and weaker in two of three areas. This awareness allows us to create a school where everyone is smart – we are just smart differently. Since each person is unique, we believe that it is appropriate to tailor activities and lessons towards various MI. It would not be practical to have every lesson taught through MI, however it is a pathway to create understanding, spark curiosity and allow for diversity amongst the student population so that negative aspects of competition and comparison are reduced and the healthy aspects of competition and comparison build competence, confidence and appreciation for the strengths that every person has.

George Lucus, filmmaker of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, has created an education foundation called Edutopia. This foundation explores ideas about project based learning and multiple intelligences – primarily for public schools. While some ideas only apply to public schools (standardized testing, annual yearly performance (AYP) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB), there are some great resources to inspire how Propeller Academy can innovate education for amazing kids.

Here is a video that shows what implementing multiple intelligence theory into school does for students and how it changes the way learning is experienced: